The most traditional and scenic places in Dhaka (Part II)

In the first part of “Dhaka’s most traditional and scenic places” we have learned about 15 traditional and aesthetic places of Dhaka. In the second part of the article titled “Dhaka’s most traditional and scenic places” we will learn about 13 more traditional and scenic places.

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1. Jinjira Palace
Jinjira Palace is a historical monument located in Keraniganj on the other side of the river Buriganga in Dhaka. After the death of Sirajdaula, Sharfunnesa, Siraj’s mother Amena, Khala Ghaseti Begum, Siraj’s wife Lutfunnesa, and their infant daughter were all imprisoned in this Jinjira Palace in Dhaka. After living in captivity in this Jinjira palace for some time, Ghaseti Begum and Amena Begum were drowned in a boat at the behest of Miron. At Clive’s direction, Sharfunnesa, Siraj’s wife, Lutfunnesa, and his infant daughter were rescued and sent to Murshidabad.
2. Ruplal House
Ruplal House is a building built by zamindars and merchants in the Shyambazar area of ​​old Dhaka on the north bank of the river Buriganga in the sixties of the nineteenth century. It is a 91.44-meter-high two storey building. Two brothers named Ruplal Das and Raghunath Das built the building. It is divided into two different parts, each with a slightly different architectural style. The roof of the building was built in the ‘Corinthian’ style. On top of this is the ‘Pediment’ built in the style of Renaissance. When India was divided in 1947, Ruplal’s heirs moved to West Bengal, India. It is currently under the supervision of the Archaeological Department of the Government of Bangladesh.
3. Suhrawardy Udyan
Suhrawardy Udyan is a sprawling city park located in Dhaka’s Ramna Thana, formerly known as Ramna Race Course Maidan. And here, after the British colonial rule, horse races were held every Sunday. It was formerly a military club of British soldiers. It was also used as a Ramna horse racing ground and Ramna gymnasium. It was here that “Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” delivered his speech on March 7 and it was in this park that the Pakistan Army surrendered to the Allied forces on December 16, 1971. Due to which this place is also a national monument.
4. Nakshipalli
Nakshipalli, Purbachal is just a short walk from Bholanathpur and Bholanathpur after crossing two bridges in a row with 300 feet road from Kuril Biswaroad in Dhaka. This is basically a restaurant. But, even if it is a restaurant, its weather is like the green of the village! Here you will actually feel like you are not in a busy city like Dhaka as if you have moved to a village surrounded by greenery. You can come here for peace of mind in this busy city. The restaurant is excellent not only for eating, but also for sightseeing and spending time. A large pond in the middle, a wooden road on it. The pond is surrounded by a porch and seating arrangements. There are also horse-drawn carriages and beautiful boats. It is like a quiet village covered with the shade of a peaceful environment.
5. Beauty Building
Beauty Boarding is located at No. 1 Srishdas Lane, Bangla Bazar, Old Dhaka. It is a two-storied old house with a rich history of Bengali art and culture. It is named after the daughter of Pralahad Chandra. It was a meeting place for talented people of Bengali literature and culture. That is why it is called the foundation of history. The journey of this boarding started in 1947. It was earlier used as the office of “Sonar Bangla” magazine edited by Sunil Kumar Mukherjee. Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, Hasan Hafizur Rahman and many others used to come here to chat.
6. Shaista Kha’s Mosque
The Shaista Khan Mosque in Old Dhaka is one of the oldest mosques. This small mosque is located behind the Burford River behind the Midford Hospital. After coming to Dhaka city as a subedar of Shaista Khan, he built various buildings, he also built buildings and mosques in the Midford area for his own stay. It is said that this mosque was built when Shaista Khan first came to Dhaka as a subedar. The mosque burned down in the early twentieth century and was later rebuilt.
7. Lalkuthi Northbrook Hall
Lalkuthi Northbrook Hall is one of the oldest and most beautiful architectural monuments located at Wise Ghat on the banks of the river Buriganga in Dhaka. It is now known as Lalkuthi to the locals. The Governor-General of India George Bering Northbrook visited Dhaka in 1874. The building was constructed as a town hall to commemorate his visit. The rich local people of Dhaka at that time named this building Northbrook Hall in honor of Governor-General Northbrook. It was here that on 8 February 1926, the world poet Rabindranath Tagore was given a reception in Dhaka Municipality. There is a theater here and a library at the back of the main building. This dilapidated building is currently under the charge of Dhaka City Corporation.
8. Kasbabatuli Mosque
Kasbabatuli Jame Mosque, known to locals as ‘Sugar Pieces Mosque’. It is located on PK Ghosh Road in Kasaituli, Old Dhaka. The exact date of installation of this mosque is not known. It is believed that this mosque is about one hundred years old. According to some, it was built in 1907. Many say it was built in 1919. The mosque has white porcelain pieces that look like grains of sugar. This is the main reason why the locals call the mosque a piece of sugar mosque.
9. Binti Bibi Mosque
Binat Bibi Mosque is located on the north side of Narinda Pool in Old Dhaka. This is a medieval mosque. Inscriptions are engraved on this mosque. And according to this inscription, according to experts, it was built in 1457 AD during the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah by his daughter Musammat Bakht Binat Bibi.
10. Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque
Khan Mohammad Mridhar Mosque is an ancient mosque located in the Atashkhana of old Dhaka which was built in 1706 AD during the reign of Nayeb Nazim Farrukhshiar. According to historian Muntasir Mamun, it was built by Khan Mohammad Mridha on the orders of Kazi Ibadullah, the chief of Dhaka. At present the mosque is under the responsibility of the Archaeological Department of the Government of Bangladesh.
11. Manot Ghat
Manot Ghat is located in Dohar Upazila and you can see it directly from Nawabganj Road in Dhaka. It is also called Mini Cox’s Bazar in Dhaka. It is located on one side of the river Padma. Faridpur is on the other side of the river. There is a huge char on the east side of the ghat which will remind people of the beach. If you walk along the riverbank, you will feel that the char is like a beach and the huge Padma is like a sea. If you wish, you can take a boat ride on the river Padma. There are also speed boats or trawlers to navigate the Padma.
12. Shahid Minar
The central Shahid Minar is located in the Ramna police station of Dhaka, on the campus of Dhaka University, next to the Dhaka Medical College. It is one of the tourist centers of Dhaka. It was built in memory of the martyrs of the 1952 language movement. Every year on 21st February, thousands of people come here and pay homage to the martyrs of the language movement by giving flowers.
13. National Memorial
The National Memorial is located at Savar, northwest of Dhaka. The monument has been erected to commemorate the outstanding sacrifices and contributions of the great martyrs of the Bangladesh War of Independence. The main building consists of seven triangular high and distinct walls. The installation is 45.72 meters high. Architect Syed Mainul Hossain designed the pillar in such a way that it can be seen in different structures from different angles. There are also ten mass graves of those killed in the liberation war. Officially, foreign statesmen have to come to Bangladesh to pay their respects at this memorial.

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